Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Under Construction.

My days of balancing work with the ten-thousand plans I have for a (personal) web page are over. I have settled on a plan and over the next month (or two) I will be re-imagining, redesigning, and rebuilding both Knock Twice dot Com and Knock Twice Radio.

To fill this space during construction, I have loaded up the SoKT with a number of great tunes and audio stories. While here, feel free to browse through my Past Posts and write that comment you never get around to sharing. Also check out the Websites 'For Reading', which are good... especially Celebrating Sagan. If you are a Sagan fan and haven't yet posted your memories of the man to CS... it is never to late.

Thanks to the six of you who periodically view this site. Please note that it is for us (me + you six)that I am renovating this jaunt. All input is greatly appreciated.